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Case History

The therapist will take full details of your problem before examining you

Osteopathy examination

A physical examination and some tests are done to help diagnose your problem

Back pain treatment

A range of treatments are used to relieve the pain

Osteopathy treatment

is directed a the joints, muscles, ligaments and fascia that hold your body in place

Neck treatment

Osteopaths treat neck, back, joint and muscle pain

Cranial osteopathy

is a very gentle treatment that is suitable for children and adults


Homeopaths use very dilute natural remedies


Call 01375 396402 now for neck, joint, arthritis and back pain, muscle and injury treatment

Osteopaths can help you and your family, no matter how old or young, with back pain, neck pain, joint pain, muscle pain, arthritis pain, frozen shoulder, injury and many other health problems.

Do you struggle with stress, tension or anxiety? Maybe you have weight, obesity, overweight, habits, phobias, fears, relationship problems, want to stop smoking or quit smoking?

Our  team of experienced therapists want to get you back to normal as fast as possible – so you can return to work, sports and daily tasks with the minimum of fuss. We will explain what is wrong with you in words you can understand, what we can do about it and any other ways to treat it.

We promise that we won’t make false “discount” offers or sign you up for a long course of treatment that you don’t need or can’t afford.

Phone 01375 396402 now –

we aim to answer calls between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. every day

*UPDATE – reopening for osteopathy treatment*

  We have have introduced a range of measures to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission.  Please attend alone if at all possible and as close to your appointment time as you can.  A space will be left between appointments to reduce the risk of you coming into contact with other patients.  Please bring your own mask if you can, otherwise we can supply you with one. 

Call 01375 396402 for more details

Cheap on and off road parking is available right opposite by Grays Library / Thameside Theatre.  It is now much easier to get to us as Orsett Road is now 2-way and you can turn into and out of Cromwell Road from either direction.

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Osteopathy and more – Our team of experts help you recover from back pain and other health problems as naturally as possible – hence our motto, “Pain Relief Without Drugs”.

Find us in Grays town centre, near the Library and Registry Office. It’s a quiet, calm healing oasis in the middle of town.   We serve the South Essex area. That includes Grays, Badgers Dene, Chafford Hundred, Tilbury, Chadwell-St-Mary. Stifford, Orsett, Horndon, Ockendon, Aveley, Purfleet, Thurrock, Bulphan, Rainham. Basildon, Linford, Mucking, Corringham and Stanford-le-Hope.

Our clinic was set up by local osteopath Peter Still in 1993. It has a great reputation with the local community, doctors and other healthcare professionals.  We get referrals from GPs, minor injury units, insurance companies, injury management companies, solicitors and local businesses – but you don’t have to be referred, you can just call to make an appointment.

Be assured, we have your welfare at heart. We will give you time to explain the problem that has brought you, help you explore the causes of your health issues and form a treatment plan to speed up your recovery. Many of our treatments are suitable for all ages, from babies to elderly.

Treatments available – tap on them to find out more!

We also supply a range of back supports, pillows and nutritional supplements.  Complementary medicine is directed at the person, not the disease – so your therapist will ask a wide range of questions about your health and lifestyle.  This helps them work out the best way to treat you.

Our job is to help your body recover from injuries, diseases or other issues in the best way possible without trying to mask the symptoms or over-ride your body’s natural healing process with drugs.

It is important for you to continue with any medicine prescribed by your doctor, especially for conditions such as diabetes, heart complaints etc. but you may find that you rely less on painkillers, laxatives or other over-the-counter remedies when using complementary medicine.  All our therapists are fully trained, registered with the appropriate bodies and insured. They undergo regular updates of their skills through lectures, additional courses and self-guided study.

We are happy to receive referrals from your GP, health visitor, midwife or any other healthcare professional. Osteopaths are widely recognised by most doctors as back pain specialists. We can also work with employees that want to use osteopathy or other treatments to help their employees return to work faster.

Some of the therapies listed may not be available at the moment, whilst other new treatments may be included at the clinic.  Give us a call on 01375 396402 for up-to-date details.  If you are a therapist looking for professional treatment rooms then give us a call.

Our opening hours vary – different therapists work different days.  Some treatments are available evenings or weekends.  We try to answer calls from 9am to 8pm any day but please don’t be afraid to leave a message if we don’t pick up. Osteopathy appointments are usually available within 3 working days, sometimes we can fit you in the same day.

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  • You might have mis-spelt my name – Peter Steele, Peter Steel, Peter Style, Peter Styles are all wrong! It’s Peter Still, registered osteopath. Or you could be trying to contact Yvonne Fernsides or Evonne Furnsides or Yvone Firnsides – you mean Yvonne Fearnsides!
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