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A patient who had osteopathy treatment for neck pain recommends Grays Complementary Clinic Ltd: “Friendly and helpful. Listens to what problem you have and totally feel at ease”.
GM, Stanford-le-Hope 03/10/2019

I have been treated by Peter for over a decade. I have recurring back problem caused by an injury many years ago. He is the only osteopath that quickly and easily gets me mobile and pain free. I moved away from Grays many years ago but still go back to Peter as his expert treatment for my back is unmatched by other osteopaths that I have tried locally.
(thanks for such a lovely testimonial, A. BTW it’s 16 years since you first came to me! – Peter)

AC, Gants Hill 30/11/2018
Absolutely amazing results with the cranial osteopath Peter. We took our 5 month old baby boy who was struggling with wind and silent reflux-he was not sleeping due to the wind and was screaming in pain all the time. We tried everything…infacol, probiotics, colief, gripe water and even colic calm. Desperate to help our boy we decided to give this a try. After the first session we saw great results-he started sleeping for longer at night (from just an hour and a half to up to 5 hours) and being less windy. Now after 3 sessions he’s a much happier baby and so are we! Would definitely recommend for colicky and reflux babies.  (Editor’s note – at present there isn’t firm evidence for using cranial osteopathy for infantile colic and reflux – however as this parent has said, it appears that many children do benefit).
AP, Grays 17/04/2018
Satisfied patient review:

Can recommend Peter, he has got me back on my feet a few times now.

AR, Grays, 25/01/2018
Reliable pain treatment in Grays
Grays Complementary Clinic is easy to contact as they usually answer calls quickly in the day or evening. They fit you in within a day or two and tell you what has caused the problem and how to stop it happening again.
YF, Orsett 23/22/2017
Fantastic Report review

I went to this clinic in so much pain with both my achilles tendon along with shoulder & back pains, I could hardly walk.  Peter was absolutely fabulous with his treatment, I attended about 5 treatment appointments and can walk without any pain.  My shoulder and back are also free from pain. He was very thorough and asked loads of questions pertaining to my health. I would definitely recommend this clinic, I will definitely be attending once a month for a monthly M.O.T.  I am very happy indeed with their services! ☺

ZM, 01/11/2017
Well I had my first visit yesterday, a bit apprehensive ,but I could hardly stand straight and I was very bent over when getting out of the car or chair, then it hurt to stand upright, the pain was terrible.. I told Peter and he worked on my back and massaged the area which was quite intense .but it worked and this morning when I got up I was upright, my Mum couldn’t believe I was walking so good and neither can I .. Gosh wish I went to him when this first started a year ago.. Thank You so much… The pain was hardly there either, and didn’t have to pop pain killers.
D.C., Chadwell-St-Mary, 24/10/2017
Thank you.  I came to you with knee pain but you diagnosed a hip problem.  The exercise you gave me helped and the consultant told me I recovered from my hip replacement operation three weeks faster than his other patients, as I’d done the exercises!
R.B., Aveley 13/06/2017
Dear Peter, Thankyou very much for the treatment you helped me with recently. It eased the muscle pain and the neck exercise is inspired! Am also doing the lower back exercise. I’ve realised that the ‘right’ exercises are what are needed.
ME from Grays, age 49 – 13/06/2016
My doctor said I would have to live with the pain but the osteopathy treatment has made a world of difference to my life – I can now do everything that I used to do when I was younger.
CG,age 71 – South Ockendon, 03/03/2016
Testimonial – You always work miracles whenever I come to you!
(This patient has attended occasionally since 2002).
CM, Grays 11/01/2016
I came to you years ago!! You helped me and I have never needed to see you for my neck again . But I still do the stretches you recommended every day – Thankyou. … I often mention you to others. And you taught me to recognise the early warning signs and stretching every day prevents my neck from locking up at its worse.
NT, Grays – 1/11/2015
You have helped me so much. Thank you.
Mrs SB, South Ockendon 19/10/2015
For a few days I was suffering from Vertigo and this was really making me feel depressed. I remembered that I had visited Peter Still in the past and thought he may be able to help me with this problem. I was lucky had he could see me the next day and said he thought he help with the problem. He explained what the problem was and told me how he could help. I was very happy to go ahead as I thought anything to improve my Vertigo was worth trying.
After my course of treatment, I had improved 90%. I went the following week for another session and Peter explained the problem may come back after some time, I informed him that I would come back as I know he would all he could to make me feel better. I would definitely recommend Peter Still to anyone who is suffering with this sort of problem.

Mrs JA, Grays
Peter is a thorough and highly skilled osteopath who always makes you feel at ease. I have visited him several times when in extreme pain and always left his practice the better for it. I would highly recommend his services to anyone needing pain relief, and ongoing care for back and neck problems.
JF, South Ockendon 23/03/2015

The excercises you gave me are a life saver – I do them when I get up and before walking the dog every day. Before I felt like I was disabled, now I can walk normally.

GR, Grays 07/04/2014
Regular client of Peter Still since he came in practice. N.H.S. have done nothing for me. Have worked in construction whilst having regular treatments to keep me going to work.
JC, Grays 10/06/2013

M said thank you for all your help and advice you always give him.

MM & DM, Grays December 2009

I have an MOT every 6 weeks which identifies and deals with any minor problems before they might become major issues. Excercises are always helpful and providing they are done regularly, rather than rigourously, they keep me mobile and fit.
These visits are worth every penny!

ML, Brentwood 26/03/2013

Both (my husband) and I have been attending your clinic for many years.  We both find the treatment very effective; I could not walk having a bad knee.  Peter soon got me walking again, and (my husband) had an accident at work, hurt his back and Peter has kept this from getting worse.  He feels a lot of benefit from the treatment he is given.

We can get through to you any time and all of you are always there to help.  Always very pleasant to talk to and hope to be able to attend your clinic for a few more years.

Mrs A F, Grays 18/03/2013
I came to Peter not being able to walk or stand without holding myself up.  My condition (severe back and leg pain) was causing me sever pain and was affecting my working life considerably.

After five weeks of treatment I was fully mobile and active, and now eight weeks later I am leading a fully active life and playing squash again! Thanks Peter.

MW, Cheshunt 12/03/2013