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Weight control in Grays

2019 - time to make a change!

Hi everyone! I’m here in Grays with a great system to help you achieve your ideal weight.

Yvonne2004-fix2Your weight consultant is Yvonne Fearnsides.  Yvonne lives locally and also pratises reflexology, massage, Indian head massage and kinesiology.
Yvonne says, “I’ve struggled with my own weight and tried all sorts of diets, lost a stone or two and then put it straight back on – but with this system I’ve been able to keep it off. This is a scientifically developed programme that helps you quickly achieve your ideal weight and stay there”.

Yes, I’ve been through all those problems myself so I know what you are going through. I’m not by any means slim myself but I’m a much better weight and feel so much healthier with less strain on my joints.

If you’re trying to lose weight for your health, slim to fit in that bikini or slimming to get ready for your wedding then call today and see how I can help you! You can see me in my clinic in Grays, call for a chat if you can’t get here and see if I can visit you. There is NO CHARGE for your one-to-one consultation – you only need to buy any products you use. So if you want to get a grip on your weight, just call me on 01375 396402 to find out more!

Your first appointment

At your first consultation you will be asked about your general health and in some cases you may need to check with your doctor to see if this plan is suitable for you.

You will be seen on a one-to-one basis – no getting weighed and shamed in front of others!  I will help you pick the right programme for you – whether it is rapid weight loss, steady weight loss or just staying as you are.

You will be offered a wide range of sweet and savoury meal replacements in a variety of flavours – including ready meals, ready-to-use and powdered shakes, soups, porridge (plain and flavoured), chocolate bars, flavoured drinks and mousse.  Some items are available if you are dairy / lactose intolerant.

These products are balanced with the vitamins and minerals that your body needs but that you may miss out on if you try to create a similar diet yourself.

Support is available if you are struggling and you will be given an appointment to check your progress, help you maintain momentum and stay focussed on your goal.