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Ear Wax Removal and hearing aids

Ear wax removal

Microsuction to remove earwax

We are pleased to announce that ear wax removal, hearing aids, swimmers’ ear plugs and musicians’ hearing treatment is now available at Grays Complementary Clinic!  This service is provided by The Hearing Hub and you can contact them via the link below.

About Microsuction

At The Hearing Hub, we provide instant and effective ear wax removal treatment. Microsuction is the gold standard method of ear wax removal.

Unlike traditional ear syringing or irrigation, which uses water, microsuction uses gentle suction to remove ear wax. This is a safe, gentle and effective method of ear wax removal and, in the majority of cases, provides instant relief and immediately restores full hearing. Our Audiologists are trained in all methods of ear wax removal, microsuction, ear irrigation (commonly known as ear syringing) and instrumentation.

This service is provided by a separate company, The Hearing Hub – you can find their website here:

The Hearing Hub Grays

If you require this service, please contact them via the above website.