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Osteopathy and COVID update

Osteopathy and Covid

Osteopaths can still work during the COVID pandemic

Osteopaths are healthcare professionals who can continue to work during the COVID crisis.  It is expecially important at the moment that we continue to provide treatment as it is almost impossible to get a GP appointment, and A&E departments are overwhelmed with seriously ill people.

Here at Grays Complementary Clinic we are observing the guidance to keep you, our patient, and ourselves as safe as possible.  This involves pre-appointment checks, use of PPE, frequent cleaning of all contact surfaces (we aim to wipe down all areas touched by visitors as they leave), temperature checks and regular hand washing.

We cannot guarantee a sterile environment but we believe that by taking these measures we are keeping the risk of attending for hands-on osteopathy to a minimum.

If you have any questions or concerns, call us on 01375 396402.