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April 17, 2018

Absolutely amazing results with the cranial osteopath Peter. We took our 5 month old baby boy who was struggling with wind and silent reflux-he was not sleeping due to the wind and was screaming in pain all the time. We tried everything…infacol, probiotics, colief, gripe water and even colic calm. Desperate to help our boy we decided to give this a try. After the first session we saw great results-he started sleeping for longer at night (from just an hour and a half to up to 5 hours) and being less windy. Now after 3 sessions he’s a much happier baby and so are we! Would definitely recommend for colicky and reflux babies.  (Editor’s note – at present there isn’t firm evidence for using cranial osteopathy for infantile colic and reflux – however as this parent has said, it appears that many children do benefit).

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