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How is Covid 19 affecting the clinic?

Osteopaths are healthcare providers that are allowed to work during the COVID pandemic. We have a duty to take extra precautions such as checking temperatures, taking patients through a checklist, wearing PPE and asking you to wear a mask while you are in the clinic. We are also...

Don’t go to A&E with back pain!

Don’t go to A&E with back pain! This week’s news featured A&E departments that had up to 14 hours’ waiting list. We should rightly be proud of our world-leading, life-saving health service – but we have to understand it’s not meant for minor aches and pains, no...

Pain is like the tip of an iceberg

Pain is like the tip of an iceberg – it’s just the part of the problem you are aware of. We all have strains and stresses on our body from poor posture, unsupportive chairs, doing jobs that put us in unnatural positions, standing or sitting too long – and so on....