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How to get back pain no.2

February 08, 2017
Thick wallet

Bulging wallet

How to give yourself backpain no. 2
One for the men today!
*Get one of those compact wallets that fit in your back pocket
*Put all your debit cards in the front
*Put all your credit cards in the middle
*Put lots of storecards at the back
*Put your driver’s licence, id card, a book of stamps, business cards, library and donor cards all on the right side
*Go to the ATM and get about £200 out – preferrably in tenners
Your wallet should now be about 2″ thick. Now stick it in your back pocket – the one you ALWAYS put it in ‘cos it feels funny the other side Sit down all day on it – ideally drive with it there. Don’t forget to keep topping it up with more cash, receipts, vouchers etc.
Now just sit back and wait for the pain to start!

Sitting at an angle will make your pelvis tilt to one side, causing strain on the sacroiliac (pelvis) joints, bend your spine sideways, put pressure on the buttock muscles and sciatic nerve. It will also restrict blood flow into your legs. This can result in varicose veins, clots, numbness and bowel and bladder problems. It may even cause erectile dysfunction!
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