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How to get back pain no.1

January 16, 2017
heavy handbag

Give yourself backpain no. 1

How to give yourself back pain No. 1
*Buy the biggest handbag you can find
*Transfer everything from your other bag(s) into it, without bothering to check
*Just in case, put a spare of everything in there
*Put it on your high shoulder – you know, the one you always put it on because bags slide off the other one
*Hitch your shoulder up even higher to keep it in place
Shoulder bags are a leading cause of back, neck and joint pain. Putting your body off balance like this is similar to driving a car with flat tyres on one side. Try to keep your body balanced and straight, change sides regularly, or use a rucksack that spreads the weight evenly.
THIS IS EVEN WORSE FOR CHILDREN WHO CARRY SCHOOL BAGS ON ONE SHOULDER – as they grow their body will become bent and they will get problems later in life.
Osteopaths can do more than just fix your back – we can advise you about the stresses modern life puts on your body, and how to minimise the risk.
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