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Don’t go to A&E with back pain!

Don’t go to A&E with back pain!

This week’s news featured A&E departments that had up to 14 hours’ waiting list. We should rightly be proud of our world-leading, life-saving health service – but we have to understand it’s not meant for minor aches and pains, no matter how distressing they are at the time.  Back pain, neck pain, other joint pain, stiffness, pins and needles, tension headaches, injuries and many other physical ailments can be helped with osteopathic treatment.




A&E stands for accident and emergency – the first thing the staff ask themselves when you check in is – “Is it a (serious) accident?  Is it an emergency?” – if not you will be bottom of the list while they deal with the heart attacks, overdoses, strokes and other life-threatening issues they see every day.

Rather than wait for hours on uncomfortable metal benches just to be given ineffective painkillers, or make an appointment to see your gp in a week or three (and then be put on a three month waiting list), why not consider osteopathy? You can usually get an appointment withn one or two days, have a whole hour to explain your problem, have ayour problem diagnosed, get treatment and an exercise programme to help you recover.
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