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Christmas saftety tips

December 13, 2012

It’s that time of year again when the overstretch of your belt is only exceeded by the overstretch of your wallet!

Here’s a few tips to keep you safe over Christmas, from an osteopath’s view.

  •    When you’re lifting that heavy turkey, make sure you have enough room to step back and somewhere to put it down!
  •    When you lift very heavy saucepans, use an oven glove to support underneath so you don’t strain your wrist or arm (heavy pans often cause “tennis elbow”)
  •    If you’re tempted to get down on the floor and “help” the grandchildren play with their new toys, it might be wise to do a few light stretches first – remember, I don’t do house calls on Christmas day!
  •    Try to alternate alcoholic drinks with soft drinks to keep your body fluids in balance – dehydration can cause dizziness, muscle problems such as cramps and even make you short tempered
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